What all goes into a Retrofit?

This is an important question that we hear from customers often. Once we have had an opportunity to visit your home and see what applications are needed, we will walk you through your specific solution. 

What is the average Cost?

The average cost of a retrofit is between 1-3% of the home value. Several factors can come into play including: restricted crawl space, finished basements, amount and location of windows, large pony walls, types of foundation, and houses built on a hill.  

Can I do it Myself?

Absolutely, but it is not for the light of heart! If you don't mind crawling around in the dark with 8 legged creatures, loud noises, and the sting of sweat in your eyes there are plenty of DIY videos and resources available.  We HIGHLY recommend calling us or Labor and Industries for a consultation before you attempt any work. 

How long will it Take?

Most jobs take 4-5 days to complete. Finished basements can take slightly longer depending on the size of the home and the finish work needed after the installation is complete. 

Do I need a Permit?

Yes. Not only will this ensure the equipment was installed correctly but you can use the completed permit to reduce earthquake insurance cost. 

Do you offer Discounts?

Yes! We offer 10% off for Senior Citizens and Military Veterans.