Crustal Faults- Its not just the "BIG ONE" 

 M7.5. Crustal earthquakes can and do occur throughout the Pacific Northwest, though they occur more frequently where the crust is deforming the fastest. The Puget Sound Region has the highest risk for large crustal earthquakes though evidence has been found for large earthquakes in eastern Washington near Wenatchee, Yakima and further east, near Richland.

Find resources on earthquake readiness as well as other natural disaster resources including a zombie apocalypse!! 

Bolts are not enough!

Although having your mudsill bolted is a good start, it is not enough for the size magnitude earthquakes we are scheduled to have in the PNW. It is important to reinforce your rim joist as well as your cripple walls with engineered plans designed specifically for your home. Many of today's standards were not implemented until the 2000's. 

Dont wait for the next quake, it could be the "BIG ONE"

Your home may be your single biggest investment, but it sits on a major earthquake fault zone. In 2005, emergency management experts drafted a scenario for a magnitude 6.7 earthquake on the Seattle Fault - their predictions:

More than 130,000 single family homes will suffer moderate or severe damage.

More than 46,000 households will be displaced.