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Seismic Retrofitting

Our objective is to secure and reinforce the load bearing walls of the house. This ensures the highest grade of protection against your house sliding off its foundation in an earthquake. Even homes built in the 90's have inadequate support for cripple walls which are very common.  All plans are designed by an Civil Engineer and inspected by the State. 

Gas Earthquake Shut off Valve Installation

In the event of a major quake it is important to stop the flow of harmful and highly explosive gas from entering the house through potentially broken pipes. Earthquake shut off valves stop gas at the meter in the event of a disaster.  

Home Buyer Inspections

Want to make sure your future home is safe?Home Inspectors don't focus on seismic retrofitting and are typically not familiar with costs associated with retrofitting a home. Let us do a full inspection and provide you with a detailed report of the homes condition and the cost associated with the work needed.  This is a valuable negotiating tool for closing and we can bill to escrow. 

Example of how we connect your Mudsill 

Here is an example of how the mudsill is anchored to the foundation. New wood blocking and ties are connected to the mudsill and the rim joist creating one solid foundation. Before this retrofit the customer's house was simply balanced on the foundation. Any large scale earthquake could easily have destroyed this home. 

Making sure Cripple walls don't Cripple

By adding shear panels and bolting to your cripple wall we can turn some of your homes weakest structures into its strongest. Engineered down to every nail going into the shear panel, this design can absorb massive amounts of kinetic energy. 

Post and Beam Rehabiliation

You would be terrified to know the number of "floating" posts found in crawlspaces. These were designed by the original home builder to be the homes support structure and more times than not a home has several that don't even touch the ground! We ensure that the beams stay connected and are supporting the structure. 

Don't Pass Gas! 

Gas shut off valves are included in all our retrofit jobs. The last thing you want is for your home to withstand a quake only to have it filled with deadly poison. We install shut off valves so if your pipes crack your family stays safe. 

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